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The Best of Shari Ulrich - Shari Ulrich

Esther 627 | Released: 1991

This album is a compilation of favourites off my first three solo albums, Long Nights, One Step Ahead, and Talk Around Town, all released between 1980-82 In fact, they represent the best of my early writing.

Many of these tunes are ones I still do in concert and as these original recordings are now virtually impossible to find, I thought you might appreciate having them available on one album.

And of course this Best Of would not be complete without the Hometown Band's Flying which has long been my signature tune.

- Shari Ulrich

  1. She Remembers
  2. Somethin's Gotta Give
  3. The One and Only
  4. I'm Not the One
  5. Long Nights
  6. Oh Daddy
  7. Romeo
  8. The Lion
  9. Mysterious Child
  10. Bad Bad Girl
  11. Save It
  12. With or Without You
  13. Starlight
  14. Flying
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